Who we are

EVs for Everyone is a campaign of Ecology Action. Since 2011, our team has led state and regional efforts to support individuals and businesses in switching from gas-powered to electric vehicles. We’ve worked with regulators, utilities, community-based organizations, charger companies, and vehicle manufacturers to advocate for policies that make the most efficient use of funding and see that it is spent equitably to meet critical decarbonization goals. Today, our team is dedicated to increasing adoption of electric vehicles to support clean air in our communities and help California reach the state goal of 5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

EVs para todos

Our Mission

EVs For Everyone advances the adoption of electric vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at scale. We engage with the public at community events, providing personalized assistance through the buying process, and partnering with trusted community organizations. We prioritize historically underserved communities to advance equitable access to sustainable transportation.

Our Team

Sherry Bryan

EV Program Manager

Sabrina Delk

EV Demand Generation Specialist

Danny Ordaz

EV Program Coordinator and Purchase Guidance Advisor

Jordynn Dorado

EV Program Coordinator and Purchase Guidance Advisor

Sebastien Garbe

EV Program Coordinator and Purchase Guidance Advisor

Adriana Andrade

EV Volunteer Program Specialist

Our Impact

With our partners’ support, in 2021, we:

5024 people educated on EVs

5024 Personas educadas

Educated 5,024 people about electric vehicles.

377 community members

377 miembros de la comunidad

Provided EV purchase guidance to 377 community members.

17 new chargers installed

17 nuevos cargadores instalados

Installed 17 new chargers at Bay Area housing complexes, benefitting 483 families.

60 purchased evs

60 vehiculos electricos comprados

Helped 60 community members purchase EVs.

Our Partners